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In 2018, after a qEEG examination of Belgian flight attendant at the Bruges-Ostend hospital, I discovered abnormalities due to brain damage. This sparked my interest in the phenomenon of “Aerotoxic Syndrome.” I soon noticed strikingly similar brain damage in other airline personnel.

Then, in 2019, a study began on brain damage resulting from exposure to toxic substances in and around aircraft. My research received extensive coverage in the Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws and during the Aircraft Cabin Air Conferences of 2019 and 2021. Flight crew, ground staff, and frequent flyers from around the world eagerly volunteered to participate in this study.

Unfortunately, due to a series of unforeseen circumstances, the research unexpectedly came to a halt at the end of 2019.

After a long period of silence, I recently (April 2024) decided to start my own practice to continue this important research. As of now, you can sign up again to participate in this study.

For more information and to register to participate in the study, please visit FlyAware NL website.

Or rather directly by email

Author: Daniel Dumalin | Date: 17/05/2024 | Last update: 17/05/2024